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Teaching is hard, let me provide the resources

Hi, I'm Caroline!

I’m a French teacher who specializes in creating French teaching resources for primary teachers. I love making fun and engaging activities to help teachers spend less time planning and more time teaching.

I always wanted to be a teacher. Always. When I was a kid, that’s what I would tell everybody. I never imagined that I would start teaching and have no resources. I always thought schools provided the resources to the teachers! I walked into my first job in 2013 with only my lunch box and a vague idea on how I hoped the day would go. Back then, TPT was starting to become known, but there was almost nothing available in French. As the year progressed, I found myself constantly searching for quality resources for the subjects I was teaching. The other Grade 3 teacher at my school was also new, so she had nothing to share. We were both struggling.

So I started experimenting with creating resources. I taught myself how to make resources and I spent hours creating things for my own needs based on the Ontario curriculum. Eventually, I decided to start posting them on TPT for others who were struggling to find resources too. I remember spending all of my time teaching, creating resources and taking courses. I created literacy resources, science resources and math resources. I took many courses to further my teaching qualifications and to become more of an expert in resource creation. I got my Specialist Qualification in teaching French as a Second Language. It was super busy, but I knew I was helping teachers like you so it was worth it.

Now here we are, many years later and I am still passionate about creating resources for you just as much as I was back then. I strive to create resources for you that allow you to waste less of your precious time stressing out about how to teach what you need. It’s very important for me that you have high quality resources for your Kindergarten and Primary French classroom.

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More about me

When I’m not teaching or creating resources, you can find me spending time with my family. I have a husband, a daughter and a cat. I am a homebody and my happy place is with those I love the most. I love playing piano, reading, playing my Nintendo Switch (Mario games are life!) and powerlifting.

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