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Grade 1 Science: French Energy in our Lives Unit

Are you looking for a Grade 1 Science unit that includes engaging experiments, hands-on science activities and assessments  that are aligned with the Ontario Science Curriculum? This 60 page resource includes activities that will excite and encourage your students to dig deeper into the topics of L’énergie dans nos vies. Click here for a preview.

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Are you looking for a Grade 1 Science unit that includes engaging experiments, hands-on science activities and assessments  that are aligned with the Ontario Science Curriculum?

This 60 page resource includes activities that will excite and encourage your students to dig deeper into the topics of L’énergie dans nos vies.

Enough activities for the entire unit!

Unit includes: 

  • 60 Pages
  • Activities
  • Centers
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Craftivities
  • Culminating Task
  • Activities for an UNIT

Includes Digital and Printable versions


These units include activities to cover all specific expectations in the Ontario Science Curriculum, but they do not include lesson plans. There are many “Teacher’s Notes” pages found throughout the units to give you more directives on certain activities.

Click here for a preview.

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Grade 1 Science: French Energy in our Lives Unit

$ 13.50

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