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Science of Reading

Learn how to teach the important French phonological skill of rhyming to your students. French rhyming is an important part of learning how to read in French. Get free French rhyming worksheets in this blog post!

4 Easy Ways to Teach Rhyming Words in French

Teaching rhyming words in French might seem like fun and games, but it’s actually an essential skill to learn in first grade or when learning a second language! Rhyming is a part of phonological awareness, which allows students to break down and manipulate words. Teaching French rhyming words is essential

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How to teach writing in French to primary students in French immersion

How to use Phonics to Teach French Writing: 3 Easy Strategies

Writing is probably one of the most challenging subjects to teach, and the same applies to teaching French writing! Luckily, there are some resources and tools you can use to help your beginner French students begin writing in French. Orthographic Mapping Orthographic mapping involves creating relationships between phonemes (sounds) and

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