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10 free french literacy resources for French immersion

10 Free French Literacy Resources Your Students Will Love

Bonjour friends! I’ve got exciting news – we’re exploring ten free French literacy resources to boost your students’ French skills!  From sight word flashcards to fun journal prompts, these tools are a treasure trove for French teachers. I know you work hard to ignite a passion for French.  That’s why

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4 soil science experiment ideas to use with your soils in the environment science unit

4 Fun Experiments for Your Soil Science Unit

Sometimes, the best way for your young students to learn is through hands-on activities. In fact, studies show that students learn a significant amount in ‘active learning’ environments, and children retain 75% of the information they practice when they learn.  Put simply, hands-on learning leads to better retention rates and

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5 spring activities for French immersion students

5 Engaging French Spring Activities for Reading and Writing

Seasonal activities are a fun way to introduce new vocabulary and strengthen students’ literacy skills. Especially when working with French Immersion students, a theme can add context to new words and create meaning – which helps with language acquisition! I want to share five of my favourite French spring activities

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4 French mentor texts for your narrative writing unit. These read aloud books will make teaching writing a breeze

4 French Narrative Writing Mentor Texts You’ll Love

We all know the importance of using French read alouds in the classroom, especially when teaching narrative writing. But French narrative writing mentor texts can be hard to find! I’ve compiled a list of French children’s books I love using when teaching narrative writing in French to my students, and

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4 French Christmas activity ideas for primary french immersion and core french

4 French Christmas Activities Your Students Will Love

I don’t know about you, but I find that those last few weeks before winter break can just drag on and on! Students are getting restless in their seats, and your patience is wearing. This is the perfect opportunity to use fun French Christmas activities that engage students while also

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Learn how to teach the important French phonological skill of rhyming to your students. French rhyming is an important part of learning how to read in French. Get free French rhyming worksheets in this blog post!

4 Easy Ways to Teach Rhyming Words in French

Teaching rhyming words in French might seem like fun and games, but it’s actually an essential skill to learn in first grade or when learning a second language! Rhyming is a part of phonological awareness, which allows students to break down and manipulate words. Teaching French rhyming words is essential

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