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10 Free French Literacy Resources Your Students Will Love

Bonjour friends! I’ve got exciting news – we’re exploring ten free French literacy resources to boost your students’ French skills! 

From sight word flashcards to fun journal prompts, these tools are a treasure trove for French teachers. I know you work hard to ignite a passion for French. 

That’s why I’ve handpicked the very best French freebies to make your life easier. Consider this your French teaching toolkit – it’s got everything you need! I can’t wait to hear how these game-changing resources bring French alive for your students. 

Trust me, as a 10+ year veteran teacher, I know how magical it feels when kids fall in love with French. So, let’s dive in.

#1: French Phonics Story – le son /a/

The first free french resource is a French phonics story that helps you teach le son /a/. It comes complete with a student mini-book (in black and white for easy printing), a full-sized teacher version, a decoding warm-up and an orthographic mapping activity.

It’s perfect for primary students who are just beginning their French reading journey. The story wraps French letters and sounds into a fun adventure that will captivate your students. As they follow along, they’ll effortlessly practice blending and decoding the target sound in words.

And that’s not all! Use it in the classroom, then send it home for some extra practice! Grab this book and watch your students effortlessly learn French sounds.

Free french phonics book to teach students how to read

#2: Shared Reading for le son /a/

The Shared Reading for le son /a/ is a perfect follow-up to the resource mentioned earlier because it’s the same story, just in a different format! This free French pocket chart story lets your whole class join in on reading the phonics sound /a/ together. Use it as a shared reading when you introduce the sound to your students.

Reading aloud as a group allows kids to practice that target sound in a fun, engaging way. And you can easily switch between guiding the story and letting students read independently. 

It’s a win-win for French literacy skills!The best part is this free preview helps you experience the magic of shared reading for phonics. Check out the resource here.

Free french shared reading phonics resource

#3: Free French Grammar Activities for Grades 1-3

Grammar doesn’t have to be a bore! This French grammar sampler pack combines fun and learning for early elementary lessons. This sampler comes with 10 activities per grade – one full week of September activities and one full week of June activities.

This free French resource come in both printable format and digital format, so you can use the version that works best for your class. Your students will grasp concepts without getting bored to tears! I love how these activities make French grammar effortless

Seriously, don’t wait to bring the grammar into your classroom! Start right at the beginning of the year, and snag this free sample pack to help you teach grammar in French. Check out the resource here. All you need is 10 minutes a day!

Free french grammar activities for french immersion

#4: Free French Literacy Resource for Kindergarten

If you teach little French learners, you’ll love this next French freebie! This Kindergarten Literacy Worksheets pack is a gem for K teachers. These no-prep worksheets are uniquely designed for early readers and writers.

Kindergarten is where the foundation is laid, and our literacy worksheets cover it all. From letter tracing to playdough mats, mystery words to differentiated writing activities – we’ve got it covered.

And for the digital era, we’ve also made them available as Google Slides and Easel activities for seamless digital practice.These worksheets are perfect for reinforcing French reading and writing independently. Check out the free resource here.

free french resources for kindergarten

#5: Phonics Activities for le son an/am – Printable and Digital

I just love how these free French activities strike that perfect balance of fun and learning. Your students will be drawn right in! The engaging, interactive practice boosts fluency with the target sounds in a way that feels like playtime.

And here’s the best part – they’re available in both printable and digital formats. Talk about versatility for any teaching situation! Whether you’re in a traditional classroom or remote learning, these phonics goodies are ready to go.

free french phonics resources for Google Slides

#6: Free French Journal Writing Prompts Sampler

This next free French resource offers 6 journal writing prompts. These prompts are suitable for all grade levels and great for building students’ writing skills and creativity. It also gives them a fantastic and unique to practice in their own time using their own knowledge and skills.

The prompts encourage critical thinking as students choose how to respond. Whether teaching in-class or remotely, these prompts can be easily used for distance learning. They provide a way for students to practice expressing themselves through writing in French.

Consider incorporating these versatile journal prompts into your lessons to nurture French writing and creativity. Students will enjoy the opportunity to think out loud on paper in the French language. Check out the journal prompts here.

free french journal writing prompts

#7: Journal Writing Success Criteria

Hand in hand with the freebie above, you’ll love this next free French resource! Equip your students with the tools they need to edit their work effectively. Use the success criteria to boost the quality of students’ writing. 

This resource clearly outlines expectations for excellence when journaling in French. The concise criteria set standards for using proper grammar, syntax, and creativity in responses.

Students will appreciate the clear and simple goals for structuring their writing. And you’ll love seeing them following proper writing conventions! The criteria also promote self-directed learning by helping kids better understand what to aim for.

Don’t miss out on this free gem for taking journaling to the next level, and use it alongside journal prompts to guide students toward fantastic French writing. Grab the success criteria here and your students will be writing like pros in no time!

free french success criteria for journal writing

#8: French Patterned Text Mini Reader

While patterned texts might not be the go-to for decoding skills, they still have a place in the classroom. They’re fantastic for building vocabulary. These books use predictable patterns and common words to help build confidence and vocabulary.

By focusing on repeating patterns, kids can start predicting what comes next. This makes reading feel smooth and fluent – what a confidence boost! The blend of fun and learning keeps little ones hooked as they read and colour these books. Check out the resource here.

free french emergent reader about the fall

#9: Alphabet Stamping Page

The Alphabet Stamping Page is an interactive resource that makes alphabet recognition skills fun. Kids get to stamp uppercase and lowercase letters like playing an alphabet game! This hands-on activity enriches letter recognition and formation while developing fine motor skills.

You don’t even have to use it with stamps – match manipulatives, paint with a q-tip, even write the letters in. The possibilities are endless! This versatile French freebie is perfect for lessons, homework, or just fun extra practice. Grab the stamping pages here.

free french alphabet centre for kindergarten

#10: Alphabet Deskplate

Our final free French resource on this list is a handy visual reference tool that makes the alphabet accessible right at students’ fingertips! Having upper and lower case letters displayed on desks boosts letter recognition in a flash.

Kids can quickly glance at the bright, easy-to-read deskplate whenever they need a little alphabet assistance. Use it during reading, writing, group work – the options are endless! Complete with upper and lower case letters and accompanied by a corresponding image, these deskplates are a must-have for every desk. Grab it here.

free french alphabet for student desks


And there we have it – ten phenomenal free French literacy resources for your classroom! From phonics, to writing prompts to letter activities, we covered it all.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pumped about bringing these tools into the classroom! Teaching French is so much more effective when we make learning fun. And we can do it on a budget with fabulous freebies like these!

Watch your students’ French skills blossom as their literacy confidence grows. With tools that engage multiple skills, there’s something here for every student.

I hope these resources spark ideas for making French literacy magic in your classroom!

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