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4 Ways to Use French Task Cards at School That Your Students Will Love

French task cards have been around for a while and for good reason. They are a great way to review material. However, they can get a little stale if you use them the same way in your classroom all the time. To keep things fresh, I suggest changing up your French task card activities. At the beginning of the year, introduce a few ways to use task cards and give students a few different types of task cards to practice with. Over time, you can slowly build up to using them all.

You can store these task cards in many ways. My favourite way is to keep unused task cards in ziplock bags, but the ones in use go in an IKEA Trofast shelf. I keep the task cards with all the materials needed, like pattern blocks, lego, colouring materials, etc. so that students can just grab the bin and get to work. It also makes cleanup way quicker! Just make sure to label everything for easy access later.

Here are a few different ways that you can use French task card activities in your classroom to keep things interesting for primary students.

Idea #1: Early Finishers

Planning a lesson and then also planning for early finishers can quickly get overwhelming. Luckily, task cards can help. I don’t like to give kids extra work just because they finished early, so using task cards can keep things light and engaging – while also giving them a chance to learn more.

French task cards are a great activity to give to your early finishers. Put them in a j'ai fini activity box and let your students choose what they want to work on!

Idea #2 Math Centres

Prepping for math centres can be stressful and overwhelming. When you use French task cards, you can make it simple and stress-free. Using task card activities for math centres is a great way to review past content or combine several skills into one review session. It’s also perfect when you have a special themed day or a special schedule (and you’re tight on time).

Use your French task cards during your math centres. Pull out task cards like your snap cube task cards, pattern block cards and more. Your students will love working on these!

Idea #3 Soft Start

Soft starts are a really nice way to ease into the school day, especially when you teach young primary students. Using task card activities during a soft start can look like setting up centres students will work their way through during the week or giving each student a task card to complete when they walk in the room. You can include a mix of task card activities with other types of activities like colouring, building, drawing, puzzles, and more.

Do you do a soft start in your French classroom? Task cards are a perfect way to implement soft start in French because they require minimal prep and keep your students engaged the whole time.

Idea #4 Indoor Recess

If your administration isn’t a fan of movies during indoor recess, then these task card activities are a good alternative. We all know how crazy students can get during indoor recess, so these tasks keep them busy and having fun. I like to include task cards where students are completing hands-on work, like building or puzzles, and then I also like to pull out board games.

French task cards are another great activity to pull out during your indoor recess.

Ready-to-Go French Task Card Activities

Looking for task cards you can grab, print, and use in your classroom? These French task card bundles make it easy to prepare for math centres, slow start, and more!

Looking for a bundle of back to school task cards in French? This bundle is perfect. It requires everything you need to teach at the beginning of the year.

School Task Card Bundle – This bundle of school-themed task cards is perfect for back to school in French immersion. Pull these out to have students review school vocabulary and to keep your students engaged during those first few weeks.

Summer Themed Task Card Bundle – These summer-themed task cards include building block tasks, colour by number, snap cube activities, and more to help students practice math, writing, and literacy skills.

Valentine’s Day Task Card Bundle – This French Valentine’s Day task card set uses geoboards, pattern blocks, snap cubes, and more to review math, writing, literacy, and more.

Want to try task card activities with your students? Grab these free school-themed snap cube task cards. It includes 36 task cards that can be used in morning tubs, early finisher activities, and more!

Want to check out the resources listed?

All the links above lead to TPT, but the resources are also available on our website. Here are the resources available here for purchase in CAD. Don’t forget you can also buy credits for an additional discount (up to $15 off).

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