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3 French Spring Activities you Need for your Literacy Block

As spring arrives, I always take the opportunity with the change in season to engage my students in French spring words. It’s always a fun chance to expand on students’ vocabulary, while also having some fun in the classroom!

I am going to share with you my top three French vocabulary activities to engage students in reading and writing with spring words, while also having lots of fun! PS – If you’re looking for other literacy ideas, here are some of my other posts.

Activity 1: Literacy Centres

I love using centres in my class because it gives me the chance to incorporate several different types of activities at once. During our centres, students can practice skills such as writing, word work, reading, and phonological awareness. Using centres in your classroom keeps students from getting bored with activities, and continuously challenges their thinking.

I created French spring vocabulary centres, and my students enjoy them each year! It comes with ten different activities, such as mystery words, bingo, mini-booklet, puzzles, writing responses and more! Help students gain reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. You can grab the French spring literacy centres here.

French spring literacy centres. Are you looking for French literacy centres for le printemps? These activities are great for grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 students in French immersion. They include 10 different activities: read and draw, mystery words, french writing prompts, a french reader, bingo, puzzles and more!

Activity 2: Boom Cards

If you have never used Boom Cards, they are essentially interactive task cards! They self-grade and offer instant feedback to students about their progress. I love using them with French spring words. You can engage students in different activities such as matching, multiple choice, drag and drop, and more.

I have a French Spring Boom Cards bundle that is ready to go! The French Boom Cards bundle includes practice on spelling, comprehension, matching, and syllables. These are great for French grade 1 students. You can check out the resource here.

This is a bundle of French Boom Cards about spring. These are great for practicing French vocabulary and learning French spring words. Your students will love these French task cards if they are in French immersion.

Activity 3: Petite souris où es-tu?

This game is an excellent way to engage early French immersion students or early years of core French. Here is how the game works. You will have a deck of cards with words or images on them. These words and images should relate to spring. Place all the cards face up. You will then hide a little mouse underneath one of the cards (ask students to look away or close their eyes while you do this).

Now, have students take turns guessing where the mouse is. To guess the location, students will have to say the word associated with the cards. Then you lift the card to see if the mouse is underneath it. If not, the turn passes to the next person. If the mouse is there, they win! I like having the winner lead the game for the next round

My students love this game, and it’s a great way to engage them in French spring words! If you want to play, I have the game already made – so you can just have fun. The cards include words and pictures, so students can practice reading and remembering their vocabulary. You can grab the game here.

This is a great French game. It is le printemps themed and is great for learning French spring vocabulary. Your students will love playing this game and you will love watching them learn French words.

As teachers, it’s easy to get lost in everything our students know and forget to have fun. I hope these French spring activities can help you bring some joy to your French instruction!

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