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 5 French Books for the End of the Year Your Students Will Love

When you think about summer, you might feel a wave of relief or perhaps even some desperation! However, not all of our students feel the same way. They might feel sad or anxious about the upcoming change and being out of school. When selecting French books for the end of the year, I kept this in mind!

Instead of choosing French children’s books that mentioned the last day of school or the end of the year, I wanted to focus on summer-themed books and character-building. 

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Book #1: Voici l’été

This French book for the end of the year is great for introducing summer and summer-related activities to students. The images throughout the book are super rich and detailed, which makes it perfect for all ages. Second language students and primary kids can still grasp some of the meaning through the images, even if their vocabulary is limited.

Voici l’été is less of a story or more of a description of the activities you can do during summer. After reading, there are many ways you can extend students’ thinking and learning.

First, have a discussion with students about their favourite summer activities. You can have them draw a picture to go along with their favourite activity or write a description. 

They can also come up with a summer bucket list, like swimming, colouring, or visiting a friend. Lastly, have students conduct a survey relating to summer, and then have them write a persuasive paragraph about their favourite why it is the best!

Voici l'été is one of the best French books for the end of the year. Introduce different summer activities and things we see during the summer.

Book #2: Pat le chat: la chasse au trésor

In Pat le chat: la carte au trésor, Pat and his team are looking for treasure. They have some roadblocks along the way, but Pat uses his problem-solving skills to fix the issues and continue on. 

While this French children’s book isn’t necessarily about summer, it’s a great way to talk about perseverance and problem solving. After reading, have students create their own treasure map! You can tie this in with your social studies mapping unit by having students use map elements on their map. 

You can also take this activity outside and have students create their treasure map of the school property. Give each student a treasure to hide, like a beaded necklace or plastic coin, on the school property. Then exchange their map with a partner and have their partner try to find their treasure!

Pat le chat la carte au trésor is a perfect French summer read aloud book for your primary classroom. You can have your primary french immersion students design a pirate map after reading and hunt for treasure in the school yard!

Book #3: J’ai un beau château

In this French children’s book, a family is going on a beach trip. During their day at the beach, they have lots of unexpected moments, like wanting a new dog and participating in a sandcastle competition. In true Robert Munsch fashion, this book is comical and does not disappoint!

After reading J’ai un beau château, have students draw and describe their own sandcastle. Then, host a sandcastle competition in your classroom! Have students vote on which castle would win the competition.

If you want to take this activity to the next level, host an ice cream party after, just like in the story!

J'ai un beau château is a great French Robert Munsch book that talks about summer activities at the beach. Your students will love this end of the year French book!

Book #4: Toi!

Personally, this is one of my favourite French children’s books! It has a powerful message to leave students with at the end of the year.

In Toi!, the book talks about being authentic to yourself and the various positive attributes we all have the ability to demonstrate: kindness, perseverance, uniqueness, and more. The images inside the book are also beautiful and help get the message across to students.

After reading the story, give each student a blank sheet of paper and have them write their name on the top. Then, pass the papers around. Have every person in the class write something kind about their classmate on the paper. When the original student gets their paper back, it should have several kind words and attributes about them!

Toi is a wonderful French read aloud book about being yourself and positive character traits. I love reading this French children's book at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year so students can reflect on themselves.

Book #5: Le dino anxieux

Le dino anxieux is about an anxious dinosaur. He’s going on a picnic and wants to know what’s happening ahead of time. While walking to his destination, he starts to worry. Will he have enough water? What if he gets lost? After falling into an anxious spiral, he remembers how his mom helps him cope with his worries.

This French children’s book is a great way to talk about those worries and anxieties some students might have going into the summer. Give students time to write how they are feeling about the end of the school year – the good and the bad! Then, allow students a chance to share if they want to.

Le dino anxieux is another French book for the end of the year. While this book doesn't have summer themes, it does talk about mental health and anxiety.

Looking for more French read aloud ideas? Check out my blog for more French children’s book lists!

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