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6 Best French Books for Pride Month

French books for Pride Month are the perfect way to kick off June! It’s that time of the year again, and here in Canada, Pride Month is just around the corner. It’s easily one of my favorite times of the year, filled with vibrant parades, embracing diversity, and spreading messages of love. What’s not to love?

As French teachers, creating inclusive and respectful classrooms is always a priority, not just during June but throughout the year. However, Pride Month gives us an extra opportunity to celebrate all types of families and individuals.

One of the most effective ways I’ve found to initiate meaningful conversations is through the power of a good book. The captivating images and powerful messages have a way of drawing students in. That’s why I’m excited to share some of my favorite French books about Pride.

These heartwarming stories celebrate love, acceptance, and the beauty of being true to oneself. They depict families of all kinds and highlight the magic of embracing individuality. In short, they’re perfect for infusing a bit of Pride into your classroom!

But here’s the best part – each book also comes with a suggested activity to keep the celebration of inclusivity alive. So, are you ready to explore these beautiful stories with me? Grab some colourful bulletin board paper, and let’s dive right in!

Le mariage d’oncle Benji: A French Pride Book about Families

How cute is this book?  Seriously tugs at the heartstrings.

It’s all about little Chloé and her super special bond with her uncle Benji. They’re basically besties who are crazy about each other. But then, one day, Benji announces he’s getting married to his partner Jamie! Gasp

Of course, Chloé freaks out a bit, worrying she’ll lose her precious friendship. But the story focuses way more on Chloé learning to embrace change and nurture this new relationship, too. The sweetest part is it shows how we can maintain old bonds while welcoming awesome new ones. 

Some ways I’ve brought this inclusive French pride book into the classroom:

  • Pass around a talking object and take turns sharing who you adore hanging with and why they’re so special.
  • Write the cherished person a letter or a journal entry about why you love them so much. I provide fun coloured paper and markers.
  • Draw or paint family portraits with all your faves – friends, family, pets. You name it! Seeing their cute artwork displayed makes my heart melt.

So cute, right? Who else squeals over stories about supportive families and adorable relationships? Add this one to your Pride reading list stat!

A French book for pride called Le mariage d'Oncle Benji

Moi, Calvin: A French Pride Read-Aloud About Gender Identity

This book gives me all the feels. It’s a super sweet story about a kid named Calvin who was assigned female at birth but always felt like a boy deep down.

When Calvin finally opens up to his parents about it, they wrap him in hugs and all the love. They teach him the word “transgender” and how beautiful it is. That summer, Calvin picks his new name and rocks a bold new haircut! By the time school returns, Calvin struts back in with so much confidence. 

This book is perfect for gently introducing gender identity in an easy, kid-friendly way. It shows how critical unconditional love and support are for kids to figure out who they are.

I like to spark class convos with questions like:

  • What would you do if your friend shared something really personal with you? How could you support them?
  • Why is it important we respect each other’s identities even if we don’t fully understand them?
  • What could we do as a class to make sure everyone feels included just the way they are?

My students blow me away with their kindness and empathy every time. This French Pride book is a guaranteed heart warmer – I just advise keeping a box of tissues handy, too! Anyone else get emotional over stories of kids thriving in supportive environments?

One of the best French books for Pride month about gender identity and transgender. The book is called Moi, Calvin

Le premier défilé de la fierté: A History About Pride

A rhyming book about Pride parades? Um, yes, please! 

This upbeat French book about Pride follows a family with two moms gearing up for their first-ever Pride. It captures all the excitement of getting ready – picking outfits, making signs. But it also squeezes in some facts about Pride’s origins.

I adore how this book shows that Pride isn’t just a big party – it’s a time to remember and honour the fight for rights that made it possible. Understanding that history is so empowering!

My students get pumped hearing the rhythmic refrains like” ‘Twas two weeks before Pride Day, when all through the house, family was preparing – two moms and a spouse!” After reading, I have them design their own fierce Pride tee to wear to our imaginary parade.

We blast fun music as they let their creativity run wild with markers, fabric paint, feathers – you name it! Then, we proudly display our masterpieces and talk about what messages of love and equality they want to share.

French pride book called Le premier défilé de la fierté to learn about the history of pride.

Comme on t’aime! Un livre sur les familles: A French Book About Families

This charming little story looks at a whole bunch of different families to showcase that while every family is unique, they share the common thread of love that binds them.

We see single parents, biracial couples, grandparents as guardians, same-sex parents – you name it! The sweet day-in-the-life glimpses drive home that when it comes down to it, families are all about loving each other – regardless of shape, size, or setup.

I like to facilitate conversations around how we show love differently in our families after reading this gem. The kids happily share about family movie nights, pancake breakfasts cooked by dad, bedtime routine snuggles, and more. It’s amazing to realize how similar we all are!

We also illustrate our own awesomely weird family trees – real and imagined relatives included. Which is hilariously cute. And for those who want, we provide a safe space to share our own family stories and structures.

At the end of the day, this book beautifully captures how connected we all are by love – no matter what our families look like from the outside. It’s definitely becoming a classroom favorite! Anyone else obsessed?

Comme on t'aime! Un livre sur les familles is a great French pride read aloud book about the differences in families.

Le prince et le chevalier: A French Fairy Tale Reimagined

How fun is this fairytale twist? We follow a handsome prince who falls head over heels, not for a princess, but a brave, bold knight! 

Talk about challenging those tired old tropes. Together, they battle a fierce dragon to save the kingdom!

Then, in a magical finale, the prince and gallant knight tie the knot in a joyful royal wedding. Eat your heart out, cookie-cutter princess stories! This book playfully shakes up the idea that a prince must end up with a princess to get a “happily ever after.” It shows kids that true love can happen between any two people regardless of gender.

I have a blast facilitating convos with my students about how this fairy tale flips the script:

  • We compare elements to traditional fairytales and discuss similarities and differences. It’s pretty cute hearing them challenge outdated norms.
  • For creative writing, they craft their own inclusive fairy tales starring imaginative characters of all kinds. I whipped up a station stacked with fun craft supplies to spark ideas!
  • We also act out scenes with costumes and props. A great way to incorporate drama into learning about Pride month!

Who else loves seeing students take fairytales into their own hands? This book shows true love and bravery come in all forms! Anyone else feel like standing up and cheering for the prince and gallant knight riding joyfully into the sunset?

This book is one of my favourite French books about pride. I love that it’s a typical fairy tale, but reimagined!

Le prince et le chevalier French pride book is a fairy tale reimagined.

Le rose, le bleu, et toi! Un livre sur les stéréotypes de genre: One of my favourite French Books for Pride Month

“Le rose, le bleu, et toi!” is an engaging book that places children at the heart of challenging gender stereotypes. The story revolves around a different people who navigate the world with different interests that do not conform to typical societal expectations associated with their genders. Girls like playing with cars, and boys like playing with dolls, thus breaking down the traditional ‘Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys’ narrative.

The Problem of Gender Stereotypes

This book raises awareness of gender stereotypes—preconceived ideas that males and females are unfairly restricted to certain roles based on their gender. It promotes the idea that children must be allowed to express themselves freely and explore their interests, irrespective of their gender.

Looking for interesting ways to include this book in the classroom? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Colour and Stereotype Discussion: Have an open discussion about colours and gender stereotypes. Allow students to express their thoughts and understand that colours and interests are not gender-restricted.
  2. Role Reversal Dramatics: Encourage students to enact roles traditionally associated with the opposite gender in a fun skit. This imposes no bounds on creative interpretation and helps challenge gender stereotypes.
  3. Write or Draw Unique Interests: Ask students to write about or draw pictures depicting their unique interests and hobbies that don’t necessarily fit into traditional gender norms in a ‘Show and Tell’ activity. This underlines the importance of individuality and self-expression.
Le rose, le bleu et toi ! is a great book about gender stereotypes. Perfect for discussing Pride month in French classes.


As we approach Pride Month, aren’t these heartwarming stories that celebrate every child and family just delightful? They’re especially crucial for fostering respect and understanding in our classrooms during this time.

These French books about pride allow students to appreciate the wonderful diversity of people’s experiences. Seeing themselves or their peers represented as the adorable main characters is incredibly impactful. It instills kindness and acceptance effortlessly, almost like a hidden lesson!

To all my fellow teachers out there, I highly recommend incorporating these inclusive treasures into your reading rotations this June. They truly have the power to reshape attitudes and spark meaningful conversations about diversity and identity.

Ultimately, every one of our students deserves to see themselves reflected and valued in the books we share. Let’s embrace stories that encompass all family structures, interests, and identities. It’s time for their unique and deserving narratives to take center stage. Lesson learned: representation matters, my friends!

Now, who’s up for a heartfelt journey through these sweet, inclusive children’s books? ? Just me? That’s alright.

Wishing you all a happy almost Pride Month!

Oh, and if you’re looking for other book recommendations like this to help in any other areas of the classroom, check them out here.

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