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6 French Christmas Books Your Students Will Love

Are you looking for French Christmas books to read with your class, but you’re not sure where to start? I compiled a list of French Christmas read alouds that my students love and I’m sure yours will too.

6 french Christmas books your students will love. French Christmas read aloud

French Christmas Books You Need

Book 1: Le renne trop petit

Le renne trop petit is an adorable book about a small reindeer named Puce who wants to fly with Santa to deliver presents, but he is struggling to fly. As Santa leaves with the reindeer, Puce notices a small present in the snow. She was able to take off and bring the present to Santa and she helped him deliver presents.

This book is always a huge hit with my students, they love the message and they think that Puce is absolutely adorable. We then have a discussion about things we’re too small for, but will be able to do one day.

This book is called le renne trop petit. It is a French Christmas book for kids

Book 2:  Comment capturer un lutin

Comment capturer un lutin goes over different ways that households are trying to capture Santa and his Elf. This is a cute little French Christmas book and I love this book because it is a great lead into a writing assignment on how your students would try to capture them! I love creating a class book using all of their ideas.

This book is called Comment capturer un lutin. It is a French Christmas book for kids

Book 3: Joyeux Noël, Marie Noël!

Joyeux Noël, Marie Noël! is about a girl whose family loves Christmas. They always buy the biggest tree, have the most decorations and the most presents. Marie Noël doesn’t feel as enthusiastic about the holidays as her family does. She wants to feel more excited about Christmas, so considers what she can do. She decides that her family should share their Christmas with everyone else!

This book has a great message about the meaning of Christmas and how it isn’t all about the “stuff” that comes with it. It’s a great conversation starter!

This book is called Joyeux Noël, Marie Noël. It is a French Christmas book for kids

Book 4: Tout un cadeau!

You can never go wrong with a Robert Munsch book and this one doesn’t disappoint! Tout un cadeau! is a French Christmas story about a girl who can always find her parents’ hiding spots. Every year she finds her presents, but she hasn’t been able to find them this year. She finds out that they’re hidden in the big present on her roof, goes to check them out and then gets stuck.

When her parents get the presents, they find her and fight over whose present she is. They wrap her up and put her under the tree. When her siblings find her the next morning, they wrap themselves up and they all surprise their parents.

This book is called Tout un cadeau. It is a French Christmas book for kids written by Robert Munsch.

Book 5: Enfin Noël

Enfin Noël isn’t a story like the other books are, it showcases the different activities that people do at Christmastime. It is a great book for younger children because it is very simple, builds vocabulary and it’s super easy to understand. The photos are really great at clearly showcasing the meaning of the words. I use this book in Kindergarten along with the rest of the series, which are based on the seasons.

This book is called Enfin Noël. It is a French Christmas book for kids

Book 6: Le Noël des bonshommes de neige

Le Noël des bonshommes de neige is a super sweet French Christmas book. It’s an adorable book talking about what snowmen do at Christmas. It has a rhyming component, and reads very well. I’ve read this one to a variety of age groups and it’s always a hit. We love talking about what other things might do for Christmas while we’re all sleeping.

This book is called Le Noël des bonshommes de neige. It is a French Christmas book for kids

Want more French book recommendations?

I hope you found these recommendations helpful! Let me know what other French Christmas books you love! If you’re looking for more French book recommendations, head over to my Instagram and search #mmecarolinereads. I share lots of read aloud ideas on there and I tag them all with that hashtag. You can also click here for more blog posts about read alouds.

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