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10 FREE Resources for Kindergarten Distance Learning

Looking for some French resources to help you with Distance Learning? Check out this list of 10 FREE resources for Kindergarten. Click on the title of each activity to get a direct link to the product!

Literacy Distance Learning Pack. Here is a photo of 3 pages included in this French resource

Literacy Distance Learning Pack: This resource gives you a glimpse of some of the types of activities included in my paid resource. There are 7 different activities in the FREE version, including parent information pages and some extension ideas. It includes a printable version and a digital version.

First Sound Boom Cards: This is a set of 10 Boom Cards by Michelle Dupuis Education focusing on initial sounds in French.

French Emergent Writing Prompts: I actually own the full bundle of this resource by Yvette Rossignol. I have used it in early Grade 1 to teach writing until the students are ready to write independently (with no sentence stems). It is also helpful for this time in the year in Kindergarten, so I plan on sending this one home.

Math Distance Learning Pack: This resource is the sister product of my Literacy Pack listed above. It is a glimpse of my paid resource and comes with 10 different activities, including some parent information pages and extension ideas. It requires NO PREP on the teacher’s end. It includes a printable version and a digital version.

Math Distance Learning Pack. Here is a photo of 3 pages included in this French resource

Math and Literacy Distance Learning Pack: Mme Andrea created a pack of 10 activities; 5 Math and 5 Literacy that are easy to send home to families. The pack contains a good variety of both Math and Literacy activities, hitting different skills and strands.

French Colours Boom Cards: These cards require some reading and sight word knowledge. It is a set of 10 Boom Cards by Yvette Rossignol focusing on identifying colours. It is ideal for French First Language Students or your stronger students who are beginning to read.

French Counting Cards: This is a blog exclusive product of mine that can be used with playdough or with loose parts. It includes both a version with numbers and a version with words to help students learn to read numbers.

French Addition Stories: This is a worksheet you can send home to have students practice addition using visuals. You can also add to this activity by creating a literacy extension idea where they write a sentence about their addition (i.e., “Je vois __ poissons”). This resource is courtesy of Cleary et Martel Collection.

Spin and Represent: This is another blog exclusive freebie that I have created. Families can use any loose parts they have at home. Students will practice spinning the spinner, then counting the numbers on a 10-frame. There are 2 different types of spinners included.

Math spinners and 10-frames

French Sight Words: This is a Boom Cards pack that does NOT include activities. It is a set of 200 words by For French Immersion that students and parents can listen to for pronunciation. I sent this out as a deck for my students to go along with the sight words activities I was sending home.

Spring Hunt: This is both a math and literacy resource by Mme Kristy. It comes with vocabulary cards and 10 extension ideas. There is also an option to go on a Nature Hunt to count how many of each spring symbol you can find.

French Animals Writing: Students can either stamp the letters if they have stamps at home, or write them in. This activity by For French Immersion is very ideal for a Kindergarten literacy activity to send home because it is very differentiated. It includes two different activities with 4 levels of difficulty.

I hope you enjoy these 10 free resources for Kindergarten. Let me know in the comments below which ones you used!

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