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FREE resources for Primary French Distance Learning

Distance learning can be daunting. I did some research on Free resources for Primary French so that you don’t have to! I found 15 different resources that you can send home to your students. Click on the title of each resource for a link to the product. Do you teach Kindergarten? I’ve also written a post on Free Resources for Kindergarten French Immersion.

Free french sound activities for google slides

Mes activités du son: an/am: This is a resource that gives you a glimpse of my sound activities. There are 6 different activites and a word list. These are actually very ideal to send home during Distance Learning because they’re set up for independent work and are created for Google Slides.

Digital Word Work: This is an activity by Mme McIntosh. It can be used with any word list, making it ideal for many classrooms. It includes 4 different activities with movable letters. All you need to do is add your word list in!

Le mot du jour: This is a set of 10 spring themed word work pages made by For French Immersion. Each page has a different word on it and 7 activities using that word. This is more ideal for early primary. The activities are all the same, so once your students know what to do, they can easily complete the rest of them.

Mon cahier d’activités – 2e année: This is a set of 3 worksheets from Mademoiselle Fearless working reading, math and phonics. The reading page includes a longer reading passage with some comprehension questions afterwards. The math page is a word problem and the phonics page focuses on the sounds “on”, “ou”, “in”.

French journal writing prompts (sampler): This pack includes 6 different prompts and gives you an idea of what is included in my full journal writing prompts pack. These prompts are great to send home as writing activities for your students.

Mes activités du son: a This is a resource that gives you a glimpse of my sound activities. There are 6 different activites and a word list. These are actually very ideal to send home during Distance Learning because they’re set up for independent work and are created for Google Slides.

Free french sound activities for google slides

Paragraphe de la semaine – semaine 1: This includes one paragraph writing activity made by Les aventures d’une enseignante. It comes with all the pages you need to provide to the students – brainstorm, rough draft, editing, good copy. It also includes a rubric for you to provide feedback. There is a both a PDF version included and a Google Slides version.

BOOM Cards – Les pronoms personnels: This is a set of 10 boom cards by Mme Marissa. Students must read the sentence and replace the underlined word with the appropriate pronoun. This is great grammar practice for your primary students!

La correction du jour – 1e et 2e année: This is a sampler of my two products titled La correction du jour (Grade One and Grade Two). Here you’ll find a week’s worth of corrections both for grade one and grade two. Please note, this is a resource that gets gradually harder over the course of the year for your students. Included here are the pages for the first week of September for each grade.

Free french grammar activities for grades 1, 2, 3

Boom Learning – Reading Comprehension: This is a pack of 8 cards from La Classe de Julie that work on reading comprehension. They have to choose the sentence that best describes the image they see. Note: there are mistakes found in the cards and they are intentional.

Spring Multiplication Spinners: This resource by Mme McIntosh is ideal for a variety of learners. It includes multiplication of smaller numbers (2-10) and larger numbers (to 12). There are worksheet pages where the students spin and write. There are also spinner cards focusing on each timetable (2-12) – ideal if students need extra practice on certain timetables!

Mon animal idéal: This is a sample of a larger, more comprehensive writing project by Mme McIntosh. The sampler version includes a brainstorming page, and a writing page for 4 different parts of the animal’s life (description, needs, habitat, interesting facts).

French Science Air Centres: This is a set of 5 centres that can be done during your science units, but are also ideal for home learning. They use things that most families should have in their house and it’s a fun play based activities for your students!

Free air and water centres for science

French Spring Vocabulary Practice: This is an activity by For French Immersion. It includes 10 words that are spring/garden themed and students must match up the word to the photo. This activity is meant to be done as an interactive notebook.

BOOM Cards: Masculin ou Féminin?: This is a set of Boom Cards by Mme Marissa that practice le genre. Students need to identify if the word they see is masculin ou féminin by selecting the appropriate one and then adding “un” or “une”.

French and English Spring Freebie: This is a pack created by Primary French Immersion Resources. It includes both a French and English version of each page. There are 4 activities that are all literacy based and spring themed – a word search, 2 writing prompts and a reading comprehension page.

I hope you can get some use out of these free resources for Primary French. Drop a comment below to let me know which ones you used!

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