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4 Free French Back to School Activities

Even though I have been teaching for several years, I’m always on the search for Free French back to school activities for my primary students! Maybe it’s that summer haze. I have a feeling I’m not the only one, so this year I decided to jot down my favorite free back to school activities so you (and I) don’t have to think too hard as we transition back to the classroom.

PLUS! You can get all the resources I share below for free. PS – click here for more Back to School content, including first day plans for Grades 1-3!

French Back to School Activity #1: Mots Mystères

My students always enjoy this back to school activity because it’s super engaging (and hardly feels like learning)! In this activity, students have coded words that they must uncover. 

All of the coded words in this resource are school related French terms, such as class subjects, school materials, people, and more.

After students uncover the word, they will draw an image that relates to the word. This is a really simple and fun way to dive into French literacy at the start of the school year.

This free French back to school activity is perfect for any primary french immersion class. Students will work on school vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

French Back to School Activity #2: Crayon Craft

This name craft is the perfect back to school activity for kindergarten or grade one. This activity is great for letter formation, spelling, and fine motor skills.

To complete this activity, give students the letters they need to create their name. They can trace their name or colour it with crayons. After they colour the letter, have students fill out the bottom that says “c’est pour’. I love this addition to the letter because it challenges students to think of items and words they know that utilize each letter.

This free french back to school craft is perfect for early primary french immersion students and for kindergarten students.

French Back to School Activity #3: Counting Cubes

I love using this activity to slowly dive into math. It makes for a great French back to school activity. In this resource, you will have several task cards with school related items on it in French.

Have students build these school items using snap cubes. As they build, you can challenge them with various math skills, such as counting the total number or counting a certain color of cube.

I recommend using this activity in centres or at a teacher table!

These school snap cube task cards are one of my favourite free French back to school activities. Students love creating the shapes using snap cubes.

French Back to School Activity #4: Colour by Code

Lastly, in this activity, students will color an image using a code. They will work on letter recognition, compound sound, and basic math concepts.

Their letter recognition will be challenged by having them look at the letters in different fonts. Then, they will do simple addition and substation with numbers 0-20. This is a really good back to school activity to review and see where students are at.


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