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Rise to the Challenge: 4 Fun Ideas for Mastering Number Recognition in French

Looking to build your students’ number recognition in French? What better way than with number games and activities! Number recognition is a really important skill for students, so we want to practice and reinforce it in a number of ways. Here are a few French math activities for kindergarten to keep your students engaged in learning.

Number Recognition Activity #1: Games

One of my favourite ways to practice number recognition is with French number games. These are easy to use in centres or independent learning when you want students to focus on their work. You can also use them for early-finisher work or morning work, to keep students occupied!

With Number Recognition Clip Cards, students will select the number that is represented by the image. There are different images like buttons, fingers, tally marks, and ten frames. Bonus: it also doubles as a great fine motor activity! These are quick and easy to set up. Just print, laminate, and cut. Then grab the cards and some clothespins and you’re ready to go!

A great way to practice number recognition in French is with clip cards. They work great as a math centre in kindergarten and students love them!

These French number puzzles also make for a great French number game. Students will match the images with the number. You can start small by just using one image, or make things more challenging with more than one image at a time (so each puzzle contains three pieces).

Want a free counting math centre for maternelle? Check out this French roll and cover math centre. It comes with 3 different versions, so it’s great for differentiating the activity based on your students’ abilities.

Here is a free French math centre for kindergarten. This roll and cover activity is perfect for working on number recognition in French.
Grab the free math centre

Number Recognition Activity #2: Worksheets

Worksheets get a bad rep, but they can be good for reinforcing skills like number recognition. Plus, they can be just as fun as French number games if you add an interactive piece, like a class competition or special prize.

These French Kindergarten Counting Worksheets are great for practicing various skills such as writing the number, recognizing it, and representing it. You can also laminate these worksheets and use them over and over again (perfect for centres or quick checks). You can also pair the worksheet with manipulates for an added challenge.

A great way to practice number recognition is through worksheets. This pack of kindergarten math worksheets contains a variety of different activities to help students learn to recognize numbers to 20.

Number Recognition Activity #3: Matching

These Number Recognition Cards for 1-20 makes a great French number game! Have students match together various images of fingers, ten frames, tally marks, and more to the number. You can make this as easy or challenging as you want.

In this resource, students will learn eight different ways to represent numbers 1-20. You can display this on a bulletin board, in a pocket chart, use it for French number games, and more! I love using these during whole-group instruction and small-group instruction. With a big group, I give a card to each child and they have to figure out where it goes on our number line. In small groups, we use the cards to play games like go fish.

Number recognition cards are such a versatile activity for your classroom! They can be used during your centre de mathematiques en maternelle, during whole group lessons or small group lessons.

Number Recognition Activity #4: Boom Cards

Boom Cards are a great way to turn a regular worksheet or task card into a fun French number game. Students will use the interactive platform to practice their number recognition skills.

In the French Kindergarten Math Boom Cards Bundle, you get access to interactive, self-correcting digital task cards that are fun for students. The task cards cover math skills such as: measurement, geometry, and counting using various methods like drag and drag questions or multiple choice.

Digital math games are also a great way to work on number recognition. This bundle of French math boom cards for kindergarten includes many different types of decks that are great for working on French number recognition.

Want more interactive and fun lesson ideas for Kindergarten? Check out my blog for French literacy, math, and science ideas.

PS – don’t forget to grab that free number recognition math centre I mentioned earlier! You can grab it here.

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