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6 French Summer Activities Your Students Will Love

As the school year winds down, it’s easy for routines and structures to unravel, leaving both teachers and students yearning for the sweet taste of summer freedom. However, maintaining routine and structure is key to having a stress-free end of the school year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use themed activities!

In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of French summer activities and resources that will infuse your classroom with a vibrant seasonal spirit, ensuring that the final days are both fun and purposeful.

#1: French Summer-Themed Literacy Centres for Primary

Bring summer vibes into your literacy block by using French literacy centres. These French summer activities are a great way to have fun with summer vocabulary, while continuing to do academic tasks

You all might be feeling ready to say hello to summer vacation, but it’s important to continue doing academic tasks in order to keep the structure or else the last month will drag by. You may want to say goodbye to work, but you don’t want to say goodbye to classroom management before school ends!

Taking this approach and using summer literacy centres can:

  • Help develop a robust summer vocabulary.
  • Keep the academic focus alive and well.
  • Ensure students are having fun while learning (the best kind!).
French literacy centres for word work, vocabulary, reading, and writing in primary

#2: French Summer Activities for Early Finishers

Perfect for early finishers or as a delightful departure from the usual routine, these End of Year Activities in French offer a huge variety of options to infuse a bit of sunshine into your classroom. 

Specifically, these packs are amazing for:

  • Early Finishers: Give active minds a creative outlet while their fellow students wrap up.
  • Thanking School Staff: Show appreciation for the hard-working educators who’ve helped shape students’ lives.
  • Fun Literacy Activities: Keep learning interesting with entertaining language games and activities.
  • Morning Work: Get your students engaged in activities from the second they walk into the classroom.

Breaking it down a little more, are some of the activities you’ll find:

Creating a Class Book for Future Students

  • Task your students with writing a page with advice for your future students about you and your classroom
  • Take the responses of every student, and bind them together to make a book
  • Tip: use the Pro-Click binding machine to make your books last for years to come

Tout Sur Moi

  • I know, I know. This one sounds like an activity for September, but hear me out!
  • Have your students complete an all about me page for their future teacher
  • This will give students the chance to introduce themselves a little and their teacher to get an idea of where their writing skills are at for the following year!

Writing Thank-you Notes

  • Use the punny craftivity included to have your students write a thank you note for various people who work or help in the school

Directed Drawings

  • Make writing fun by having your students complete a directed drawing to go along with it
  • They’ll follow the instructions on drawing the object, create a scene, and write about it!
  • It’s open-ended so students can write whatever they’d like.

No matter which activities you choose, the French Summer Activities Bundle promises a fantastic mix of learning and fun!

French early finishers activity bundle for primary students in French Immersion and in Core French

#3: Summer Patterning Mats for Kindergarten

As we dive into the final leg of the school year, it’s essential to revisit and reinforce those foundational kindergarten math concepts. Don’t fret – I’ve got just the resource that turns numbers into an enjoyable hands-on game – French Summer Patterning Mats for Kindergarten!

These pattern mats are a fantastic opportunity to teach patterning in a fun, engaging way. The mats are full of varied pattern stems, encouraging young minds to explore different possibilities of arranging patterns.

This French summer activity includes 4 unique pattern stems and 9 mats per stem – giving you a total of 36 different patterning mats to play with. They come in both printable format and as Google Slides if you want to add a bit of tech into your classroom.

Perfect for small-group learning or individual attention, they are a must-have for rounding off the academic year while bringing in the summer cheer.

Encourage creative math play while strengthening kindergarten math concepts – a surefire way to end the school year with learning and fun intertwined!

French patterning mats for kindergarten

#4: Summer Math and Literacy Activities for Kindergarten

For those seeking a treasure trove of no-prep activities for kindergarten to get you through to the end of the year, this French Math and Literacy Pack is a golden ticket. 

Packed with math and literacy activities covering a multitude of key competencies:

  • Covers all five math strands for comprehensive mathematical skills enhancement.
  • Strengthens basic literacy skills to foster smooth language acquisition.

And when it comes to writing skills, have your little learners indulge in the following:

  • Writing the alphabet with creative prompts designed to excite them about French letter formation.
  • Pondering over interesting writing prompts that spark creativity while strengthening their literacy skills.
  • Colour by letter to help your students work on letter recognition.

Streamlined for kindergarten, this pack is a comprehensive French summer activity bundle to keep your young learners actively participating until the final bell rings.

No prep summer activities for kindergarten in French

#5: French Summer Task Card Bundle

Combat end-of-year restlessness with a set of engaging task cards, perfect for primary French immersion classrooms. Organize them in bins, allowing students to access them independently once they’ve completed their school work. 

These French Summer Task Cards are super versatile. You can use them for:

  • Early finishers: Task cards are always a great activity for your early finishers. The summer theme make them the perfect french activity for the end of the year.
  • Morning bins: Your students will love starting their day with themed task cards. A perfect French summer activity!
  • Centres: Use the math-based cards in your math centres, or put them out during your kindergarten must-do activities.
  • Indoor Recess: Looking for a quieter, structured format of activity during those indoor breaks? Got it sorted.
  • Free Time: Fill the gaps in your daily routine with meaningful learning. Boom!

Whether it’s math, literacy, or thematic activities, these cards are your go-to tool for an engaging, self-paced learning experience.

A bundle of French summer activities. These task cards include craftivities, colour by code, lego, pattern blocks, geoboards, directed drawings, and snap cubes.

#6: Grab Your Freebie for a Taste of Summer Fun

And because who doesn’t love a freebie? I’m finishing this off with a pack of 5 free French summer activities that you can use in your classroom!

This freebie offers a sneak peek of the activities included in the French Summer Activites Pack for Early Finishers. Your students will love these activities, ensuring that the excitement of learning continues until the last day of school. 

Want to check out the resources listed?

All the links above lead to TPT, but the resources are also available on our website. Here are the resources available here for purchase in CAD. Don’t forget you can also buy credits for an additional discount (up to $15 off).

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