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Online French Reading Resources

Practicing reading skills has become more difficult with virtual learning. I thought I would share some online French reading resources I found to help make teaching reading easier for you!

Children practicing reading in French

Lalilo: Lalilo is an online phonics program ideal for early learners. It basically works as a game for students to work through. Their system is smart, so if a student is doing very well on a sound, it will move them forward. On the contrary, if a student is having difficulty, it will get them to practice more with other activities before they move forward. It is free for teachers, but schools can purchase a premium membership to give them access to extra features.⁠

Boukili: Boukili is another free app for teachers. It was created by Idéllo and has 120 books, sorted by reading level. Students can read the book by themselves or have it read to them by the system. They can also record themselves reading it if they use it on Android or iOS. The books are levelled, so they’re differentiated for students which is great!⁠

Tumblebooks: Tumblebooks requires a membership (on a school level), but often has partnerships with public library. Here you can listen to books being read to you. The words show up on the page so students can both follow along and look at the pictures. ⁠

Raz-Kids: Raz-Kids has a large collection of levelled books (27 different levels). The books can be read online and include a collection of fiction and non-fiction texts. You also get access to a comprehension quiz and worksheets for each book. As a teacher, you get access to your class and can see what they’ve read and what online activities they’ve completed. Raz-kids requires a membership.⁠

Reading A-Z: Reading A-Z is the same company as Raz-Kids. Reading A-Z is the teacher side of it, so it includes printable books, lesson plans, etc. Like Raz-Kids, Reading A-Z requires a membership.⁠

Je lis, je lis: Je lis, je lis is an online reading program containing levelled readers. Students can engage in modelled, shared, guided and independent reading practice. It also contains resources for the teacher to help them teach various skills. Je lis, je lis requires a membership.

I hope this helps you use some online French reading resources with your class! Let me know in the comments below which ones you’ve tried.

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