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5 French Sight Word Games Your Students Will Love

Using French sight word games is a great way to work on reading skills as a whole class, and it gets your students engaged! I like to make it as fun as possible. My French primary students always enjoy our game days because it hardly feels like learning.

P.S. Want more info about teaching sight words with confidence? Check out this blog post.

Here are my favorite sight word games to play.

French Sight Word Game #1: J’ai… Qui a…

This sight word activity is a great way to get every student active and involved. Students will get a card (or a few). Then, one by one, the students will read their cards out loud to the class. The cards contain a phrase such as, “J’ai le, Qui a te?” The person with the next word then stands up and reads their card.

This activity challenges students’ reading, speaking, and listening skills in French! I have a pre-made version with 108 French sight words. You can check it out here.

J'ai qui a is a fun hands on french sight word game for your class. They will love this oral activity that practices french reading skills.

French Sight Word Game #2: Bang!

Bang! is a fun sight word game that uses repetition to help students learn. To play, a stack of cards with French sight words are placed in a pile face down. Students take turns drawing a card from the top and reading the word aloud. If they can read the word, they keep the card. If they can’t read it, they return it to the stack. When the Bang! card is picked up, the student who grabbed it must return all their cards to the pile.

This game continues until all the Bang! cards have been used, and the pile is empty. You can find the Bang! game here!

Bang! Is a fun French sight word game to play with your class because they never know if they will get the bang! card. Students will love practicing their French reading skills with this game.

French Sight Word Game #3: Petite Souris, où es-tu?

My students always love this sight word game! Have students close their eyes as you place a paper mouse under a French sight word card. Then, students chant, “Petite Souris, Petite Souris où es-tu?” Students take turns guessing where the mouse is hidden by reading the French sight words out loud. If they read the word successfully, turn the card over to check for the mouse. If the word is there, they win! If not, choose another student and continue playing.

I also like to let the winner of the round hide the mouse next time. I have everything you need to play this sight word game here!

Petite souris, où es-tu is another great French game to practice reading. Students will love this French oral activity.

French Sight Word Game #4: Splat!

Have an active group of students? This game is perfect. Place a few cards on the ground face up. Pick two students and give them both a flyswatter. Read one of the sight words, and have students swat the card with the correct word. The first person to swat the card stays for the next round to face a new student.

I love this game because it’s hands-on, and challenges students’ reading and listening skills. You can play using these cute lily pad sight word cards here!

Splat is a reactive game. Students listen to the word you say aloud and then they have to quickly read the French sight words and hit the right one. This is a super hands on game and students LOVE it!

French Sight Word Game #5 Bingo:

This is a classic game to play with students. Give each student a copy of the French sight word bingo card. Read a sight word out loud, and have students mark the it on their card. Have students create different shapes or lines on their card to win for an added challenge.

Grab the ready-to-go French bingo cards here.

Bingo is also a fun way to practice French sight words. You will read the french high frequency word aloud and students have to read the words on their card to see if they have it. First one to get a line wins!

Interested in teaching French sight words without all the prep? I have a bundle that contains everything you need to help your primary students master French sight words. This bundle comes with 16 different products, including whole group, small group, and individual activities – plus the sight word games mentioned in this blog! All of the resources focus on the same 108 sight words, so your primary students can master them all.

Looking for even more French sight word activities and games? Check out my bundle that comes with 16 activities that practice 108 words. This bundle will help your students to learn to read in French.

Want to try out some of the games for free? I have a free sampler of Splat, Petite souris où es-tu and Bang! Receive the free download in your email by signing up below.

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