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5 French Songs to Help Teach French Spring Vocabulary

I love using the change in season to introduce my primary students to French spring vocabulary. One of my favorite spring activities is listening to music! The kids love to sing along, and I find that the lyrics stick in their head, so they absorb the vocabulary better. Here are my favorite French spring songs!

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French Song #1: Le printemps by Matt Maxwell

This is a great sing-along with students! The lyrics are written on the video. The song contains a catchy chorus that’s easy for students to sing to. The lyrics cover various French spring vocabulary, including flowers, animals, and spring activities.

After your students sing-along, have them write down their favorite spring activity using some of the spring vocabulary from the song. Click here to check it out.

French Song #2: Aujourd’hui il pleut by Charlotte Diamond

Charlotte Diamond is a favorite for my primary students and I. This song in particular also is great for a sing-along because the lyrics are listed on the video. This song is all about the weather we see in the spring.

After having your students listen, ask them to describe today’s weather en français. Click here to listen to it.

French Song #3: Le printemps by TFO

This song is short, but the visuals are great for helping students connect to the new spring terms. This song talks about the different events that occur during the spring, such as flowers blooming and insects buzzing.

After watching the video once, have students watch again and practice describing what they notice in the video. Extend students vocabulary practice by having them count the spring items they see in the video, such as the flowers and the birds. Click here to see it on YouTube.

French Song# 4: C’est le printemps by 123 Petit Pas

This song is super easy for primary students to learn because it’s repetitive. It’s also easy to follow along because the lyrics are posted on the video. The song talks about being happy in the springtime, with kites and butterflies flying around.

After singing along, have students discuss with a partner or write down why they are happy that it is spring. Have them list items that they enjoy about the springtime. Click here to listen.

French Song #5: Printemps by Mini Disco

I enjoy using this song because the content and French vocabulary are a little different than some of the others. This song focuses on farm animals during the spring. While this song is a little bit harder to sing along to, it’s catchy and the students always enjoy it.

Use this song during recovery time in your classroom and have students dance along! You can also engage your students in this song during an art lesson. Have students create dance moves as a fun French spring activity. Click here to listen to it.

Want more French spring activities? Check out my other blog post about engaging projects and hands-on activities to help your students learn spring vocabulary.

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