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Learn how to teach the important French phonological skill of rhyming to your students. French rhyming is an important part of learning how to read in French. Get free French rhyming worksheets in this blog post!

4 Easy Ways to Teach Rhyming Words in French

Teaching rhyming words in French might seem like fun and games, but it’s actually an essential skill to learn in first grade or when learning a second language! Rhyming is a part of phonological awareness, which allows students to break down and manipulate words. Teaching French rhyming words is essential

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How to teach patterning in a French kindergarten class. Learn how to introduce French patterning, as well as activity ideas to practice the skills in centres or in small groups.

How to Teach Patterning in Kindergarten in 3 Easy Steps

Patterning is one of those skills that seem really basic, but can have a big payoff for students! Patterning in Kindergarten helps students make predictions, make connections, and establish critical thinking skills. Patterns are not only a part of our daily life, but are seen in math, language, and more.

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Here are 3 experiment ideas for your air and water in the environment science unit. These experiments are great for French immersion too!

3 Air and Water Experiments That Your Students Will Love

When it comes to science units, nothing is better than reinforcing concepts with engaging air and water experiments! That’s why I wanted to share a few experiments you could use with your air and water in the environment unit. These science experiments require limited materials and can be completed in

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4 Fun French Vocab Games and Activities to Engage Students

Practicing and learning French vocabulary can get dull, especially when using vocab cards. Over time, we default to the same activities and exercises with students, which can wear our students (and ourselves) down. By keeping activities fresh and new in the classroom, we can challenge students in new ways and

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How to practice the alphabet in Kindergarten French Immersion

5 Ways to Practice Alphabet Recognition in Kindergarten

Alphabet recognition is a big goal for kindergarten students, and it takes lots of practice before students master it. That means coming up with tons of creative activities and exercises to challenge students’ alphabet recognition! I want to share French alphabet activity ideas that are easy to set up and

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