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Teaching French Grammar in Primary

Grammar the hardest thing to teach in a second language because they make mistakes based on their first language. How many of you are triggered by hearing “je suis fini”, “je j’aime” or “j’ai a”? When they start making mistakes like this every time they say something, it becomes a fossilized mistake and they become even harder to break. In this post, I’ll be talking about how I use La grammaire du jour in Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three to address these errors.

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Kindergarten Flow of the Day

In this post, I’ll be describing my Kindergarten Flow of the Day. For context, my school hours are 8:00-2:30. I would switch classes around 11:15 every day. The times I put in are approximate. I went by the cues of my students rather than the clock. Sometimes if the students

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Planning your Kindergarten Schedule

I never thought I would ever teach kindergarten full time. I’ve been teaching since 2013. I saw myself as a junior teacher until I got thrown into my first LTO in grade 2/3 and I absolutely fell in love with primary. Since then, I moved around through various positions, but

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Kindergarten Literacy During Distance Learning

Home learning has been a weird time for all of us; teachers, students and parents. It seems daunting and overwhelming, but once you have a good system in place for Kindergarten literacy during distance learning, it can run quite easily without too much work on your end.

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Getting Started with Virtual Teaching

COVID-19 has left us in very uncertain times. It got really intense, really quickly and as much as I’m happy that the Canadian government has taken it as seriously as they have, it has left a lot of uncertainty with work. Both myself and my husband are now home, which

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French Counting and Number Recognition

Kindergarten is the only grade where Math is taught in French in my school board, so I feel a lot of pressure to get that Math vocabulary in. I’ve found that the trickiest part about Math in French for most students is number recognition. They really struggle looking at a

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Teaching the Alphabet in Kindergarten

Teaching the alphabet and sounds can be tricky in a second language. I’m going to share with you how I teach it in my Kindergarten classroom and what kinds of activities & centres I do in this post. I start my week by reading a sound story from the book

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Free French Resources for your Classroom

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog couple years now and this week I finally decided to go for it. I hope you will be able to use some of the ideas I share. I’ve been sharing resources and ideas on TPT since 2013 when I noticed that there

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