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4 Tips to Organize your Assessment Binder With Ease

When you are busy preparing for and assessing your French students, creating an organized system of where to store your data and assessments may be the last thing on your mind. However, by setting up a system for storing assessments and data, you will save yourself lots of time (and

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4 Frequently Asked Questions about French Reading

I often get questions about how to teach French reading and literacy. In this blog, I want to cover some of the most common questions I receive, so you can feel confident teaching your French students. P.S. I have several blogs that cover French literacy. If you don’t find the

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3 Ways to Track Student Reading Progress In French

With the many skills and assessments available to French teachers, how do you know which is best for tracking reading progress? How can you keep student tracking from becoming chaos? And how can you make student progress monitoring successful rather than just another to-do item? In this blog, I will

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Building a Classroom Community

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Stairs and I’m this week’s guest blogger for the amazing Mme Caroline. I teach Grade 1 French immersion in Ottawa and have taught everything from K-6. This will be my fifth year teaching Grade 1 and I love it the most! I share a

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French Back to School Resources

I did the research so that you don’t have to! I’ve created a list of French back to school resources that you need if you teach Primary French Immersion. These resources are perfect for preparing for la rentrée. Are you feeling stressed out about returning to school? Check out this

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Scrounging & Saving: The World Language Teacher Way

Bonjour! I’m Erin: guest blogger du jour! I’m a Colorado French teacher and author, and I love connecting with other world language teachers across the country. I hope you find some of my ideas below helpful, and bonne rentrée à toutes et à tous! I grew up on garage sales, cutting

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Back to School: 5 Tips Reduce Stress

Preparing for back to school brings in a lot of emotions in me. Stress for all the planning and work that needs to get done. Excitement for the possibilities ahead. Nerves about the actual first day back. Sadness that it’s the end of summer, which means winter is coming. Happiness

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French Sight Words: Learn to Read Series

In this series, I will be showing you how I teach my students to read in French. So far, I’ve covered letter sounds and syllables. This post is all about French sight words! Sight word knowledge is instrumental in helping your students progress in their reading skills. Sight words are

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How to Dye Sensory Filler

Sensory bins are so beneficial for young children. They provide kids with a hands-on way to explore using their senses. They’re also a great opportunity to learn to play cooperatively, work on fine motor skills, develop their language skills, and more! In this post, I’ll be providing you with step by step instructions on how to dye sensory filler.

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10 French Syllable Activities That Your Students Will Love

Ever found yourself struggling with how to teach French syllables to your students? Well, you’re not alone! The world of syllables can sometimes feel like a linguistic maze, but fear not, because I’ve got your back. Practicing how to read French syllables is important. It helps students learn basic decoding

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